[PD] integer values

volker böhm vboehm at gmx.ch
Sun Feb 28 16:38:10 CET 2010

thanks for your responses.

On 28.02.2010, at 15:19, Derek Holzer wrote:

> You could use a array/table with as many elements as you need  
> sliders, and use [int] to quantize them integers.

that's what i wanted to use in the first place. quantizing the table  
values _after_ output, is of course possible, but then the  
quantisation is not graphically visible, which makes for a lame  

> Most GUI elements give "integers" already, for example a default  
> slider gives 0-127. The type is float but the output values are all  
> without a decimal, unless you change the size or range of the slider  
> of course, so for your purposes you could consider them integers.

ja, but changing the range is what i'd often have to do, e.g. having  
the user choose a step number between 0 and 7.
i tried quantizing the slider output and to use the set message to  
immediately set the quantized value back into the fader for display,  
but didn't get any usable results.

On 28.02.2010, at 15:48, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> I once wrote a wrapper around arrays as [g_pattern32]:
> http://more.rjdj.me/2009/06/23/editing-drum-patterns-in-rjdj/ where  
> you can
> easily set table values with a number box which moves in integer  
> steps as
> default.

thanks for the link. yes, this is certainly usable. but i'm still not  
completely happy with this approach, either.
i think a well designed interface allows viewing and editing of the  
data in the same location.


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