[PD] osx pduino: nothing works

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Hi Derek,

As you said institutions have their own way of operating when it comes to upgrading their existing devices, which might even take ages for a single chip changes, I always find it handy to ask the available equipments list beforehand for the workshop. I have been using those Arduino boards since 2006 here in my workshops and courses, and each time we made them work fine based on the student project needs. Last time it was October 2009, without spending more than 15min :),  they functioned well with Firmata-2.1beta5, not with StandardFirmata, but the other analog, servo, and simpledigital, and we had three student projects done with sensors+arduino+pduino at the end of the workshop.

and yes, we should mention that ATMEGA8 is not good with StandardFirmata,

see you tomorrow ;)


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> Hi HC,
> thanks for clarification. I will try to find some time to stick it in  
> the FLOSS Manual Pduino chapters later on. I did get the ATMEGA8s  
> running with the new baudrate, now I have a problem with the ATMEG328  
> but I will deal with that tomorrow.
> I tried to get all 12 students using same versions of everything but  
> you know how hard that can be. What was supposed to be a 10 minute  
> installation took the entire afternoon, along with questions about  
> motors, circuits, mechanics and everything else in the middle of  
> debugging. Not an optimal moment for concentration to fix a glitch...  
> maybe I will stick to hardware-only workshops from now on, computers  
> are only good for causing ulcers and hairloss!
> I landed here Sunday and started the workshop the next morning so I  
> had no time to investigate what hardware the school had. I told them  
> they should upgrade the ATMEGAs they have but you know how long that  
> takes at any kind of institution ;-)
> Best from Helsinki!
> D.

M.Koray Tahiroğlu
Media Lab,
Aalto University,
School of Art and Design
tel: +358 45 233 6272

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