[PD] analysis before synthesis: How?

pvallet publicat51 at free.fr
Thu Mar 11 07:41:58 CET 2010


You might also want to chek the pd doc about fft operations examples in 
namely I04.noisegate.pd for filtering the noise and I03.resynthesis.pd 
to reconstruct your signal. (but all the I section is loosely relevant)
You'll then be able to experiment and build from these.


meino.cramer at gmx.de a écrit :
> Hi,
> this is more a general question:
> I have a "piece of sound" (sorry, English is not my mothers tonque...)
> which conatins beside background noise a scifi-sound, which I want to
> synthezise ("synthesise"?) with puredata as close to the original as
> possible -- without the background.
> Now I am looking for recipe to do such a thing -- without the need of 
> a supercomputer and without the deep deep knowledge of really deep
> math.
> Is there a way to supress the backgroudn as much as possible?
> Would it be make sense to make a fourier analysis with a tool (what
> tool -- I am using puredata on Gentoo-Linux)? Are there others
> tool, which would help me to solve this task?
> Any idea and help are very appreciated -- thanks a lot in advance!
> best regards and have a nice sunday!
> mcc

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