[PD] Pd, Max/Msp, Reaktor, Plogue Bidule... How do these compare?

john saylor js0000 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 13:58:59 CET 2010


> Gareth Loy with the title 'The Composer Seduced into Programming'
> "It is important to note just what the
> seducing agent in these cases really is. It is certainly not carpentry or
> programming, or we would have ceased as artists and become tradesmen. It is
> really the will of the composer, expressed through the discipline of the art
> form itself which, in all cases, not just the ones under discussion here,
> causes the artist to stray into these seemingly distant fields."

i find it beneficial to try and make explicit assumptions, in
persuasive writing or music composing.

what is the difference between artists and tradesmen? are either more
valuable than the other? [try getting to work in a contrapuntal study]

'the will of the composer'
that's a very evocative phrase
what about zen composers? [john cage] what kind of will do they have?

i am suspect of self importance.
i think learning how to use something [a digital audio environment,
pen and paper musical notation, ...] will enrich a person.
it's all connected.

a person has to make choices on how to spend their time. are they good
choices or bad ones? it is not for me to say.

i think spending time learning dsp or any tools is worthwhile. as i
said above, i find it enriching.

also, we are not machines. it is ok to have multiple interests [it
means you are just more engaged in the world around you]. it is ok to
fail. it is part of what makes us human [and not machine].

nonetheless, machines can be very helpful.

\js  :-P

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