[PD] mic preamp: hardware or inside Pd?

Roberto Duarte roberto.duarte at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 14:28:36 CET 2010

Thanks Pierre,
what i want to do is to get some noises through these coil mics and amplify some objects with piezo mics, no recording here, I mean will be also real time processing, just for jamming and get used to Pd. 
Eventually I will want to plug in a lap steel guitar or a 3 bridges guitar, it depend on if I can, finally manage to build one...
Could be nice a warm tube preamp sound, but for this, is not really needed. 



El 21/03/2010, a las 13:29, Pierre Massat escribió:

> Hi Roberto,
> I don't know much about what you're asking, but i do know that building audio hardware isn't easy at all, and probably eventually just as expensive as industrial products. 
> Now concerning the question of whether you should amplify the signal within Pd or not, i'd say it all depends on your needs. If you want to record a singer or an instrument it's always good to have an analog pre-amp before you feed the signal into Pd. If you need it for something else it may not be necessary. 
> I personnaly use Pd to process the sound of my electric guitar in real-time. For this i use a usb interface (EMU 0404), and the Pd-processed sound ends up in my tube amp.
> Anyway, it is very much a matter of taste here, i mean if you like the sound of your mics without a pre-amp it's fine. Amplifying the sound in Pd will not change the sound, whereas amplifying it first with a pre-amp will change it (depending on whether it has tubes, and on the general quality of the product). You just have to choose what you like most. 
> Pierre
> 2010/3/21 Roberto Duarte <roberto.duarte at gmail.com>
> Hello all,
> maybe somebody could bring me some lights about this:
> I want to jam with some piezos and coil mics, I could get a cheap M-Audio Quattro or similar (no pre amp included) and all this into Pd for some processing.
> What would be better:
> 1. to get or build some hardware preamps or 
> 2. to amplify  the signal inside Pd?
> Another way to go could be, instead of buying a dedicated Audio Interface, build one on an Arduino board or on this new CUI32 USB board, using those (several) analog inputs. For me, in a way could be good also, because of learning how to do it.
> I will appreciate any help or tip on this..
> Roberto
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