[PD] Max Smoother Audio than Pd?

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 In fact I've no clue about how max instrument patches sounds, only using it for livelooping, but I and other musicians like me didn't like the sonority of netpd for example, because rendered texture are poor, only one sytnh sound good (I don't remember which one), and once we've turned around all sonorities of this synth, there's not much things to play with.
 I'm not blaming the great work of roman on netpd, but just demonstrate that in despite a lot of efforts to have tools for making music with pd, there's no way to make something smooth enough to be commercial, unless cheating with some steinberg or direct x stuff, of knowing by heart all the dsp tricks. Anyway, I'd like to hear something composed by a king of pd patches, for the fun.

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 > So, I think this is an important myth to get over...

Well that seems a kinda "biased" approach :)

Whenever anybody says that "Max sounds smoother than Pd" (or viceversa 
of course) we should force him to answer these three questions:

1) define "smoother", what the hell does it mean (is it less 
clicks/pops? is it less dropouts? or what else?)

max provides many objects that easily remove or avoid clicks/pops, on pd we almost always have to follow some patching rules that easily drive the lay person to mistakes, that generate clicks and pops

2) are you comparing with the same hardware?

3) Let me see the patches (ok this is not a question - this is a demand, 

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