[PD] Unconference/Hacklabs at ICMC10 NY june 1-5

Alexandre Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:10:41 CET 2010


The *2010 International Computer Music Conference* /* **ICMC10* (
http://www.icmc2010.org) welcomes suggestions and submissions to the
UnConference to happen during the event. This edition - [R.E.D. Edition]
Research Education Discovery - takes place in New York City, from June 1st
to June 5th.

*The UnConference* will be a more informal gathering of artists, thinkers,
dreamers, and other trouble makers all focused on digital technologies,
electronic arts, and music. Participants will have the opportunity to share
their work with peers in an informal setting. The UnConference will take
place daily in the EMF offices and the Wang Center Chapel. We are looking
for topics of discussion - please submit up to 1 page which will be printed
in the proceedings.

mail to submit is: unconference at icmc2010.org

Feel free to discuss your ideas and ask questions about the event. I'm also
in touch with them and proposing a couple of things, so you can ask me
somethings too, I'm all ears., I can help/collaborate etc...

and yeah, we are hoping to gather some Puredata users for some Pd
Hackmeeting sessions, so any idea here is welcome :)

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