[PD] Local Variables in GUI Properties (receive-symbol)

Ben Baker-Smith bbakersmith at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 17:22:11 CET 2010

> Ben Baker-Smith wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there a way to use local variables ($0) in GUI send-symbol /
>> receive-symbol properties? If I just put in $0 it interprets it as
>> "0",
> this is new to me; i have been using $0 in gui-objects for ages.

Not sure what the issue is then. I'm using Pd-Extended 0.41.4 on Mac
OS 10.4.11 (PPC), at the moment.

I've tested this with toggle, bang, and canvas objects. If I put $0 in
the send or receive properties everything looks fine until i close and
re-open properties, then "test-send-$0" becomes "test-send-0" and
"testreceive$0" becomes "testreceive0". At no point (before or after
closing / re-opening properties) will the objects send or receive $0

>> and I can't set it after creation because there will be multiple
> you can: just connect(! with patch cords) the re-naming message to the
> object, and you are done.
> but you really shouldn't need it, see above

I can't do it this way in my current patch because I am using canvas
objects, and they don't have inlets with which to connect patch cords.

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