[PD] Weird [delread~] behavior under -nogui

Florian Hollerweger flo at mur.at
Sat Mar 27 17:32:23 CET 2010

Hi Derek,

Derek Holzer wrote:
> IOhannes accused me of making this up when I posted it a week or so ago
> ;-)

Gee, I swear I searched the archives first :-]

> Yes it does seem like voodoo doesn't it?

Since the discovery of the infamous "no [loadbang]->[;pd dsp 1] under
-nogui" bug (posted on this list by myself and others in the past), I do
indeed consider -nogui to be the closest thing to voodoo which Pd has to

More honestly though, it points to my personal lack of understanding of
the GUI-DSP relation in Pd. Could someone with more insight than myself
maybe comment on the origins of this weird DSP behavior of -nogui? Are
there other potential traps? And: does someone maybe have ideas for a
workaround for the [delread~] issue?


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