[PD] Max Smoother Audio than Pd?

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Mon Mar 29 10:55:13 CEST 2010

Well I must give a +1 to all the members of this list for being so 
civil, constructive, polite and friendly.
The answers one usually get to that kind of subject are much less friendly.

Who wants smooth, curvy, creamy, glossy, mild, silky audio anyway?
Happy - rough - Pd to all :)

PS: I guess no one has done any blind tests using only ear right?
There's a nice episode reported in Michelangelo's life shown in one of 
the films about him - not sure exactly how it went but here goes: the 
master is working at one of his masterpieces (probably the David or 
something) and some dude comes along, well actually he's on the side of 
the patrons an so although he's pretty daft, he's also paying for the 
thing and wants to put his word into it. He says "Hey Michelangelo, you 
idiot, that nose is too big!" Michelangelo counts up to ten then smiles 
and answers humbly: "Oh yes Sir, thank you. I guess I should make it 
smaller" so he takes his hammer and bangs hard on the wall two or three 
times and lets some powder drop down, without actually touching the 
nose, then pulls back. "What do you think now Sir?" "Ah" says the guy 
full of himself "perfect, /now/ it is perfect".
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