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2010/1/31 Derek Holzer <derek at umatic.nl>

> "Unnoticeable" latency usually refers to the musician not noticing the
> difference in time between when they press the key and when the sound comes
> out. Any time you add a delayed signal to the original signal, you will
> notice it. The "slap-back" happens at longer latencies, but at shorter
> latencies you will hear *very* noticeable comb-filtering. And since no
> computer-based solution is latency-free, I think you need to re-examine what
> you are expecting Pd to do.

I think it is a reasonable expectation that you don't have to play a note
one 16th early to have it sound 'on the beat', which is what one has to do
when dealing with 23 ms latency in a 163 bpm piece.
Attached is a little patch that shows some rhythmical implications of any
given soundcard latency in ms.

> Either that, or go with a dedicated DSP board (and learn the accompanying
> programming!) which would give you a more guitar-pedal-like "zero-latency"
> system.
> Maybe Marco Donnarumma could give a few words here on processing
> instruments live. His set uses an electric bass through Pd. My guess is that
> even the un-processed signal goes through Pd to avoid echos or comb
> filtering due to latency.
> Best,
> Derek
> Jeffrey Concepcion wrote:
>     * in terms of processor capacity, hardware, and sound card
>>      configuration, what would be the minimum requirements to achieve
>>      unnoticeable latency (not hear the affected signal as a slap-back
>>      type of effect)? i've read that 11ms can be achieved and is
>>      unnoticeable.
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