[PD] strange colors with pix_record

Matthias Neuenhofer matthias at neuenhofer.de
Sat Apr 3 12:12:55 CEST 2010

yes the RGBA channels are set wrong on mac osx. the cube appears blue because the alpha channel is read as blue.
when you change channels like this 
R –> G 
G –> R 
B –> A 
A –> B
the movie will justified. but it´s not handy to give each record this process so  
i fixed this with a change in the code of recordQT.cpp in line 241 - instead of colorspace = k32BGRAPixelFormat;
i use colorspace = k32ARGBPixelFormat;
but i don´t know how this affects other os

also the recorded mov is upside down - this can fix in quicktime pro with a click in the properties of the video track -
so i don´t looked for the code issue.


Am 02.04.2010 um 03:33 schrieb Mathieu Bouchard:

> Johannes a écrit :
>> you can file a bug report even if it only happens on a single operating
>> system.
> I think Max implied that he wanted to submit a report as complete as possible up front.
>> the recording code is highly platform specific (that is: the recording backends are platform specific), so it might well be that there is a bug on one system not showing up on others.
> Yes, therefore it would also be a good idea to have a screenshot, especially one containing a correct picture and the equivalent broken picture side to side. That way, for example, someone who doesn't have the OS required to run the bug, can still fix the bug by just looking at the screenshot. But this requires an example with enough different colours... just grey is not enough. For example, this picture :
>  http://webilus.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/216couleurs_du_web.jpg
> has more colours than one would ever need, to identify the problem, so, it's perfect for that.
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