[PD] Project with Pure Data on Embedded device

Nyamiou Le Galéanthrope galeanthrope at singularity.fr
Tue Apr 6 11:14:34 CEST 2010

Hello everyone, 

I'm on a project of augmented reality, planning to use
audio and video effects which will depends of some sensors. The project
will use an embedded device made with a Beagleboard (see :
beagleboard.org). I know well languages like C, C++, Java but I know
nothing of computer music and Pure Data. 

I'm asking if Pure Data is
enough robust and enough fast to be run several hours on a embedded device
without problems, I'm also asking if it is hard and long to learn Pure Data
because if I'll use it, I will not have much time to learn it. Oh, and can
I compile Pd and GEM on a ARM processor ? 

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