[PD] pd and multi-core processors

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Tue Apr 6 21:36:24 CEST 2010

> With my patch open i get these values (average):
> cpu1 60% cpu2 60% cpu3 11% cpu4 2%
> Then, when I open a pd~ patch:
> cpu1 80% cpu2 80% cpu3 40% cpu4 3%

the average cpu load won't tell you a lot, since the cpu speed is usually 
not constant, but may be modulated (adding some latency hotspots). in 
general, i'd recommend to disable frequency scaling, turbo mode (for nehalem 
cpus) and smt, since it may confuse numbers and can increase the thread 
wakeup latency significantly, if you want to use a machine for low-latency 
real-time audio applications.

> so, still plenty of overhead on the 4th core, but it doesn't seem to be
> used.

from my understanding, you should split your path into 4 pieces of equal 
load, using 3 pd~ objects, if you want to optimize it for a quad-core cpu. 


tim at klingt.org

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