[PD] [PD-announce] Workshop May 1, 2010

Barry Moon Barry.Moon at asu.edu
Thu Apr 8 20:29:11 CEST 2010

Workshop: Max/MSP and Pure Data for Interactive Music

Arizona State University West Campus

Saturday May 1, 10am-5pm Cost: $50

This is a one-day workshop led by Andrew May and Barry Moon. May is a
composer specializing in real-time computer processing of acoustic sources.
His regression analysis externals for Max/MSP and Pure Data can be found on
his website:
May is an associate professor at University of North Texas.
Moon is a sound/video artist creating works for a variety of audio and
visual media. His Baz Tutorials can be found on YouTube:
Moon is an assistant professor at Arizona State University.

Topics covered in the workshop include:
Audio analysis methods
Audio processing, including effects, synthesis, and sampling
MIDI, games controller, and other user inputs
Video analysis for control of audio processing
Setting up a live show (microphones, mixers, performers, etc.)

A CD with May's and Moon's software will be handed out for the class, and
participants can bring their own computers or use one of the computers in
the lab where the workshop will take place. Participants are also encouraged
to bring in their own software (patches) for help and feedback from May and

Please contact Barry Moon with questions regarding the event:
barry.moon at asu.edu

Also, that evening at 6pm in Kiva Lecture Hall there will be a panel
discussion and at 7:30pm a concert by the Tornado Project, featuring
Elizabeth McNutt, flute, and Esther Lamneck, clarinet, performing live with

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