[PD] gemmouse and pix_data

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> Andrew Faraday wrote:
> > Quick and simple solution to a lot of similar problems, use [range].
> > 
> > It needs four arguments, the input range (in this case 0 to the size of your gemwin) as two arguments, and the output range (usually -4 to 4) and it will convert one into the other. Although to make this work on gem you need one for each of the x and y axes. 
> > 
> > You can do this by re-scaling yourself, although this does take more time and effort, but also can provide more control. In the end it's your own choice.
> > 
> [gemmouse] will output coordinates in pixels by default.
> however, you can specify the range manually, [gemmouse 1 1] will output
> x=0..1 and y=0..1
> fgmsadr
> IOhannes

I'm not entirely sure, but this would probably still be centred on the top left corner of the gem window, so would still require some arithmetic to sync up objects to mouse position. Something like

[gemmouse 8 8]
|                     |
[- 4]               [- 4]

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