[PD] [hid] button down press

Tyler Leavitt thecryoflove at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 10:42:31 CEST 2010

hello all...

first off, wow! i never took a look at pd before i needed to control
hydrogen via usb gamepad today, but wow... awesome program, sorry to have
looked over it for so long. that being said, many thanks to the community &
developers for making my computer audio tinkering 10x more fun!

now... i just started using it today. my current flow for sending MIDI
events via USB gamepad button downpresses is like this:

[hid]---[route key]----[route btn_0]----[route 1]----[makenote]

the second route object of course has more than one button (btn_0 through
btn_11) with each output going through its own [route 1] (to only signal on
the down press). needless to sat thats a lot of [route 1] objects... is
there a way i can clean this code up? something along the lines of [route
btn_0,1 btn_1,1 btn_2,1] etc....

hope i made myself clear...

thanks much,
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