[PD] dealing with large numbers (for rjdj)

duncan speakman duncan.kleindesign at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 19:07:10 CEST 2010

i'm trying to use the gps object in Pd as part of an RjDj scene and
their forum is down at the moment so i thought i'd look for help

so pd has a limit on the size of numbers it can use and i'm looking
for a simple way to break them down, (as i'm using RjDj i have to use
the vanilla pd so no extra object fun).
The GPS object apparently sends out numbers to 6 decimal places, (e.g.
51.430023) which keeps causing problems in other parts of the patch.
I have tried removing the integer before the point and multiplying by
10000 to give me something manageable. In the above example I would
expect to get 4300.23 but instead i get something like 4300.23XXXX,
where are these extra numbers coming from?
Can anyone suggest a better way to deal with this data?




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