[PD] Visuals to audio synch.MIDI(0-127)

Gintaras Lau. gintarman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 10:29:04 CEST 2010

Dear list,

as far as I understand, the use of pd algorithms like "bonk", "fiddle"
for any purpose is up to authors decision and technical intuition and
perhaps study programs at IEM, workshops.
I'm struggling with bachelor's writing about "synchronization" of
audio and visuals in that way:

Pd virtual device to analyse audio -> generative model to create moves
of midi sliders (0-127) -> midi connection -> commercial software to
manipulate visuals (in my case "Resolume")
Precision of midi controlled visual software not matches the precision
to that possible with pure data alone, but I'm not consider that here.

I found [fiddle~] (this time it must be fiddle~) complex to use,
because outputs requires to stabilize glitches and etc. But that is a
part that I can control to some extent. Frequencies I get from music
are usually grater than 127 and needs to apply math.

Generative model I have tried to made is just accidental creative
process (make mistakes and try to do best). Behaviour of slider (up or
down to some amount) not always reveals the change of sound pitch,
because of [/,*,+,_ ], [mod 127], [lmax,-min,-avg] and other relation
between data and because of pitch change to different amounts and
range 0 -127. Sometimes hi notes makes fader to go down (e.g. to
control opacity of layer) and vise versa, sometimes surprisingly
matches the musics pitch line.

Bonk~ works fine by triggering [random 127], [probalizer], through
[line] or without it and connection to music is synchronous. I also
applied some automatic messaging to it
[thresh $1 $2(, [mask $1 $2(, also input signal fade in (ms) after the
bang hits it to 0, expanders, filters, bang handling, etc.

An advantage of my work is that there is no need to prepare midi files
for synchronization and always to be ready to meet any music or sound
source anywhere.

What I'm asking for is not a concrete solution (how to make fader go
up if pitch goes up when sound source can be mixed music, solo
instrument, etc.)  but rather some general foughts that may rise from
your technological background to help me summarize the wall I have
just hit (or both).

My country, town, professors, lecturers, teachers and friends has no
experience or background related to pd, max/msp technologies for
audiovisual purposes. List, forums, google is always my best teachers
what is to some extent a lot, except that something must be done to
change that situation too.


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