[PD] nusmuk_audio WAS: Max Smoother Audio than Pd?

colet.patrice at free.fr colet.patrice at free.fr
Fri Apr 16 17:00:41 CEST 2010

thank you for those pieces,

 this show what pd is good for, electroacoustic music...

 I'd like to ask you about the first one called 'Makeitmakeitmakeit'

are cymbals pd made?

also why there is no structure, did you make this choice by your own, or did the tools 
you've used where too limited to impose a structure?

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just uploaded 2 vanilla workouts. these are not tracks. just me jamming in the staffroom of the school where i work. not sure if they will change anyone's mind on anything, but i think they show a bit of dynamic range and the possibilities offered by vanilla pd and perseverance. 


there are a lot of samples here, but all were originally created from scratch in vanilla pd. 

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