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Alexandre Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 20:38:55 CEST 2010

>without a good media, we can't get good results

Guess my point wasnt clear yet. I'm saying every media has its potential,
there's no "good" or "bad", anything can be best applied for some purpose,
even a "shitty" clarinet... it can produce sounds irregularly and with
spectral content that other clarinets might not...

BTW, this is a simple discussion about art and media and not about Pd, it is
not even a discussion about taste, but I can feel in your arguments that you
have strong preconceptions... you seem to have a strong fixed idea on how
things should or must be, about your taste and aesthetics, and I guess that
is just bad to mix that where it doesn't belong. That's why maybe it's so
hard to make myself clear...

>I don't tell all the world each time I use a pd patch

why should you, right? Unless someone asks I guess.

>It's not a problem of 'working' but a problem of 'sounding'.

But Damn, it is you who's making the sounds... (!!!) Now this is completely
vague, and it seems you are missing the point of being objective and is once
yet again letting subjective aesthetical preconceptions or even something
else speak up more where it doesn't belong. In order for this discussion not
to be so pointless, you'd need to point out objectively what the hell you
are talking about. I guess the thread has also been mislead, are you saying
MAX or somethng else sounds better by the way?


2010/4/16 <colet.patrice at free.fr>

> >Oh, wasn't the metaphor clear, really?
> nope
> >well, no problem, here you go then... once more...
> there you go
> >We don't care to know if someone says; "Hey, I got a clarinet", we wanna
> know what he is doing with it, in a sense that it'd make more sense if the
> person would come and say; "Hey, check out, look what I do >with my
> clarinet". The point here is to emphasize the instrument as a tool, a media,
> something that you use to make an idea come true... so the point, in the
> end, is to present this idea. the media should not >be the interesting
> thing, but the result!
> without a good media, we can't get good results,
>  reverbs sounding like bathrooms were cool when Joe Meek used it fifty
> years ago,
>  but now the situation is a bit different.
> >So maybe you need and want a shitty clarinet to achieve the objective you
> have, maybe you need a quite expensive one. Nevertheless, the point is what
> you do with it.
> The clarinetist of one chamber orchestra I've wrote for had to use a 'C'
> clarinette that sounded like shit to play all the notes,
>  instead of her cool but expensive B flat, the result is that I don't liked
> the sound she had.
> (If you want to compare I can send you the files)
> >As I said, that are things you can only do in Pd... which is basically
> when you need to program something. If you dont see that, maybe you dont
> need it!
> I use Pd for other purpose than trying to convince people I could make
> music with it, even if I've made several pieces with that it's possible to
> download.
> >And since we need to program it, we are the ones doing the thing, Pd is
> not doing much for us. And yeah, you build stuff with it. So maybe you
> should not waste your time building things that are already there, >why
> reinvent the wheel? If you can do something in Pd, it doesn't mean it has to
> be done in Pd, or that is easier to do it with it.
>  I use the stuff I've built with pd for show numbers, like modern circus,
> and I don't tell all the world each time I use a pd patch.
> >So, anyway, if you build something in Pd that does not work, it is your
> fault, not Pd's... if you built a clarinet in it that does not do what you
> want and need, maybe you should ask a guy who's good at >clarinet
> building...
> It's not a problem of 'working' but a problem of 'sounding'.
> >hope it was clearer now, can't make it clearer than that I guess, by the
> way...
> I do appreciate.
> >take care
> thank you for your effort in my understanding, but I still remain on the
> idea that pd is just a tool for learning dsp,
>  but indeed it can be used for other purposes,
> maybe that is where the discussion has evolved, but
> when one knows how dsp works, I guess that person would use real developper
> tools to make his stuff, like a compiler.
> cheers
> 2010/4/15 < colet.patrice at free.fr >
> I would care about how the clarinette is sounding, if I or a skilled
> clarinetist
> can't make a melody with it, i would play with noises...
> Selon Alexandre Porres < porres at gmail.com >:
> > > pd is just a tool for learning dsp, there is no such project that show
> how
> > > pd is cool to make people moving on the dance floor.
> >
> > Is that what you are really expecting pd to be or sound like? Well,
> indeed,
> > I disagree Pd would be a proper tool for that. And you are really wrong
> to
> > assume pd is only a tool to study DSP, although it is in fact really good
> > for that as well.
> >
> > Now, you are missing completely the points of using Pd, and if you can't
> > imagine why you would need pd to do things that you can only do in pd,
> maybe
> > pd is not for you... no, it ain't a money maker for the dance floor dj...
> >
> > I see musicians and artist that see why they need to do something in pd
> and
> > ask for help. It is common to have an artist creating a piece that uses
> Pd
> > without knowing how to program it, but working in conjunction with a
> > programmer.
> >
> > And of course, Pd can be only a minor (but essential) thing on the
> > project... you don't need to reinvent the wheel in Pd, or just use Pd if
> you
> > are using it... there is no rule for that... in a sense that I don't see
> > there is such a thing called "pd music".
> >
> > > who is the musician, Pierre Schaeffer, or Pierre Henry?
> >
> > I dont see the point here... Of thousands of people who work with
> computer
> > music/technology, do we only have mostly Pierre Schaeffers out there? Is
> > Pierre Henry the Only guy who gets to be a musician? If someone is using
> pd
> > then he can't be Pierre Henry or many other thousands of people I know
> > besides him that are actually great musicians?
> >
> > And yeah, nobody cares if someone comes out and says; "Hey, look what an
> > amazing I have here, I got a Clarinet!!! And I built it... or someone
> who's
> > really good built it for me!!!". All we want to know is, what do you do
> with
> > it, right? And we don't really care about the Clarinet. And if you don't
> > like it, don't blame it on the clarinet...
> >
> > cheers
> >
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