[PD] second instrument/piece in the silent percussion project...

luigi rensinghoff gigilist at halbsolaut.de
Sat Apr 17 00:06:29 CEST 2010

Hey Jaime

     i can only talk for me ;-) I like it a lot....the MANO controller.

And its just one object ??? 

Very cool work... please organize concerts in europe, or better germany 

Thumbs up

ciao luigi

Am 16.04.2010 um 23:46 schrieb pd-list-request at iem.at:

>>>>> hello everyone,
>>>>> In the link below there is a video documentation of a brand
>>>>        new
>>>>> performance with the new MANO Controller called Silent
>>>>        Construction 2
>>>>> in a new webpage... lots of new things...
>>>>> For those who were in Sao Paulo for the PdCon you may have
>>>>        heard
>>>>> Silent Construction 1 (for Silent Drum). As in that case
>>>>        everything is
>>>>> done in Pd/GEM and a few new externals...
>>>>> hope you like it...:

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