[PD] tables in 64bit puredata

august august at alien.mur.at
Tue Apr 20 02:20:01 CEST 2010

> On 2010-04-18 22:05, august wrote:
> > 
> > I just built pd 0.41.4  extended and can see that in all of the sampler
> i seems like you really should to try to update to the newest versions
> of everything.

hmm.  it is hard to know what is the right pd to download.

Can someone recommend a version, era, or branch that "works" on ubuntu

* I tried Pd-0.41.4-extended, but it has problems with tables (64bit

* I tried pd-0.42-5.src.tar.gz,  and the table issue is gone, but the
sound is completely unreliable with ubuntu's pulseaudio setup.
Pd-0.41.4-extended doesn't have this problem.

* I also tried pd-2010-04-15-linux-ubuntu-karmic-i386-i686.tar.bz2  but
it does not build.  

I like very much how pd-extended looks with the toned patch cords and
pleasant colors/fonts...and would love to have a version of that that
doesn't have the table issue under 64bit...and the also the audio works
with pulseaudio.

any help is much appreciated.

thanks -august.

PS:  I am looking forward to using the new Gem with gmerlin-avdec
bindings, but will have to get to that later.

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