[PD] A bunch of revised help patches

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 20 17:35:09 CEST 2010


finally I looked a bit at it. I can't say much, but a couple of things:

- this is a massive work, it's not possible to go through the patches and  
give a general opinion. Unless I do replace the pd-ext patches with these  
ones, and then in a couple of weeks might have something general to say.

- in general I think your patches should make part of Pd. Are you on it,  
or should we make a possy and go to the big man with this request?

- it seems that for your work to be worthwile, it should be part of  
Pd(-ext). but as a (small) developer, I'm not sure if your strategy is the  
best. I saw that you went into everyone's help patches and added the meta  
+ import objects (and anything more?). I have nothing against it, but the  
developers should then be the ones doing that work. Or, assuming that your  
patches make it into main Pd, the next time I update some help patch I'll  
erase your work, because "your" version isn't "my" version.
So, it might be easier to either make a small document telling the  
developers to add x and y to their patches to conform to the new pddp  
logic - and put this somewhere in the wiki for new developers to read -,  
or you send them your version of the patches, which they should take and  
build on.
Unless you want to constantly check if everyone is using the right  

I'll give some comments to H-C's comments:

> * think that all help patches should have the same width, but the height  
> should be adjusted to minimize white space, like with abs-help.pd

I agree. I also like fontsize 10 better than 12. but doesn't anyone  

> * I think we should make the help patches per object, not the mega-helps  
> like Miller makes (acoustics, etc.) If you want to make help patches for  
> things like mtof~, I'll make the changes in Pd-extended so that it has  
> its own help patch

with some objects might make sense, like the arythmetic ones, or the  
acoustic conversions.
But I think that mega-patches should be helpful for new people, provided  
that the individual information is also somewhere to be found.

Also, more all_about-patches can always be interesting. they act like  
programming tutorials, and can be very helpful.

Is there any specific work to be done? As said, I don't know the  
collection well enough to say something about it.


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