[PD] gui devel idea: "kiosk mode"

András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 21:57:51 CEST 2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 8:01 PM, João Pais <jmmmpais at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> just had a thought for a gui development: a runtime mode, feasible for
> demos or "finished" applications where the user only gets presented with the
> finished program, and no menus. In opera it's called kiosk mode (
> http://www.opera.com/support/mastering/kiosk/): all the menus are hidden,
> and the user should only interact with the program.
> It doesn't have to go as far as opera's mode (and disable key shortcuts),
> but if it's not complicated, a "presentation mode" could be nice for patch
> showcase, finished performance patches or tools, ...
> As far as I imagine, some simple options might be enough:
> - hide menus
> - hide window lane
> - hide borders
> - fullscreen mode
> Best,
> João

Sounds good!
Seems this is not supported in Tcl/Tk 8.3 but from 8.4 up it is.
Which, according to current 'policy', predestines it to be a plugin (?),
actually a very simple one.
Shall be bind to F11!

Provided this fullscreen feature, (how) do want to be able to scroll the
canvas? I suppose we just keep the scrollbars...?

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