[PD] xcode compiling issue

Andrew May Andrew.May at unt.edu
Fri Apr 23 23:15:13 CEST 2010

I'm having trouble using xcode to compile an external (not audio,  
pretty simple c code).
Using Intel machine, OS 10.5, xcode 3.0;
I followed the directions in :
and it appears to compile cleanly. However, when I try to use the  
external in a patch I get a dlopen error:

no suitable image found.  Did find:
	( ... the compiled external ... ): unknown file type, first eight  
bytes: 0x21 0x3C 0x61 0x72 0x63 0x68 0x3E 0x0A

Has anyone found this error and/or a solution?

Failing that, could anyone share a robust makefile for building an  
external that runs on both ppc and i386 using gcc?
I tried that, but got "Undefined symbols" errors for all the pd  
classes (perhaps it's not finding m_pd.h, but I thought I set the path  
carefully enough...)

Many thanks for any help!



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