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matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 15:21:53 CEST 2010

Hello Pd-list,

I organise a small "apero" = meeting in Marseille. We haven't any money 
for travel because this is a small and local meeting. But if someone 
would like to go in Marseille or lives near to Marseille you can 
complete the call for participation for this event.
We can try to find a place to sleep in Marseille.

The party is the 10 of July in Marseille.
The deadline of the call of participation is 01 june 2010.

This is the translation of the french website :

The Apero Codelab, what is it? / / /

/ / / Codelab is primarily a forum for mutual aid on the Internet, 
bringing together developers, artists and often a bit of both. These 
people are essentially found around the code and creative projects. An 
Aperitif Codelab Marseille follows many other aperitifs: 
Like the preceding it will be an opportunity for artists and developers 
to meet around the presentation of projects, technical tips, 
performances, concerts and a small snack.

For this edition Marseillaise, the ZINC hosting the event which takes 
place in three stages:
/ / / The first, during the afternoon will be a workshop on the theme 
"code and audiovisual. Open to all on form and in limited places available.
/ / / The second part will be a presentation of art on their technical 
aspects, "how it's done" by computer trickery, or presentations on the 
theory or digital audio digital video ...
/ / / The third stage will take place after the drink itself and an 
opportunity to attend performances and concerts.

Call for Participation / / / Aperitif Codelab # 8 / / /

/ / / Artists, researchers, developers, enthusiasts, you are cordially 
invited to attend a day meeting about the aesthetics of code. Come have 
a project in progress or already carried out under one of the following 
forms: demo, lecture, performance, concert ..

Have a nice day

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