[PD] connecting a samphold and a phasor together

Benoît Fortier benoitfortier at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 28 17:03:32 CEST 2010

First time on this mailing list, so hello everyone! I started using pd a couple of month ago and I'm completely addicted.

Ok I have a simple problem for which I'm looking for the most elegant solution.

I need a phasor (in a looping sampler) which frequency can be changed only at the beginning of it's period (when it drops to zero). That's usually the kind of problem a samphold can handle very well but when I connect a phasor and a samphold directly together I get a "dsp loop detected (some tilde objects not scheduled)" error. One solution could be to "pipe" the new frequency to the phasor with a delay calculated from the previous frequency but I have the feeling there must be a more elegant solution to this problem. Anyone got a suggestion? 

There is a thread in the archive that is adressing a dsp loop issue but the solution proposed dosen't seem to be adapted to my specific problem.

Thank you

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