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Greetings all,

I have just posted a collection of student patches for an interaction design course I was teaching at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  I hope that the patches will be useful to people playing around with Pure Data in a learning environment, installation artwork and other uses.

The link is: http://bit.ly/8OtDAq

The patches include multi-area motion detection, colour tracking, live audio looping, live video looping, collision detection, real-time video effects, real-time audio effects, 3D object manipulation and more... 




Pure Data Interaction Design Patches

These are projects from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design DIVA 202 Interaction Design course for Spring 2010 term. All projects use Pure Data Extended and run on Mac OS X. They could likely be modified with small changes to run on other platforms as well. The focus was on education so the patches are sometimes "works in progress" technically but should be quite useful for others learning about PD and interaction design.

NOTE: This page may move, please link from: http://www.VideoGameAudio.com for correct location.

Instructor: Leonard J. Paul
Students: Ben, Christine, Collin, Euginia, Gabriel K, Gabriel P, Gokce, Huan, Jing, Katy, Nasrin, Quinton, Tony and Sandy


GabrielK-AsteroidTracker - An entire game based on motion tracking. This is a simple arcade-style game in which the user must navigate the spaceship through a field of oncoming asteroids. The user controls the spaceship by moving a specifically coloured object in front of the camera.
Features: Motion tracking, collision detection, texture mapping, real-time music synthesis, game logic

GabrielP-DogHead - Maps your face from the webcam onto different dog's bodies in real-time with an interactive audio loop jammer. Fun!
Features: Colour tracking, audio loop jammer, real-time webcam texture mapping

Euginia-DanceMix - Live audio loop playback of four separate channels. Loop selection is random for first two channels and sequenced for last two channels. Slow volume muting of channels allows for crossfading. Tempo-based video crossfading.
Features: Four channel live loop jammer (extended from Hardoff's ma4u patch), beat-based video cross-cutting

Huan-CarDance - Rotates 3D object based on the audio output level so that it looks like it's dancing to the music.
Features: 3D object display, 3d line synthesis, live audio looper

Ben-VideoGameWiiMix - Randomly remixes classic video game footage and music together. Uses the wiimote to trigger new video by DarwiinRemote and OSC messages.
Features: Wiimote control, OSC, tempo-based video crossmixing, music loop remixing and effects

Christine-eMotionAudio - Mixes together video with recorded sounds and music depending on the amount of motion in the webcam. Intensity level of music increases and speed of video playback increases with more motion.
Features: Adaptive music branching, motion blur, blob size motion detection, video mixing

Collin-LouderCars - Videos of cars respond to audio input level.
Features: Video switching, audio input level detection.

Gokce-AVmixer - Live remixing of video and audio loops.
Features: video remixing, live audio looper

Jing-LadyGaga-ing - Remixes video from Lady Gaga's videos with video effects and music effects.
Features: Video warping, video stuttering, live audio looper, audio effects

KatyC_Bunnies - Triggers video and audio using multi-area motion detection. There are three areas on each side to control the video and audio loop selections. Video and audio loops are loaded from directories.
Features: Multi-area motion detection, audio loop directory loader, video loop directory loader

Nasrin-AnimationMixer - Hand animation videos are superimposed over the webcam image and chosen by multi-area motion sensing. Audio loop playback is randomly chosen with each new video.
Features: Multi-area motion sensing, audio loop directory loader

Quintons-AmericaRedux - Videos are remixed in response to live audio loop playback. Some audio effects are mirrored with corresponding video effects.
Features: Real-time video effects, live audio looper

Tony-MusicGame - A music game where the player needs to find how to piece together the music segments triggered by multi-area motion detection on a webcam.
Features: Multi-area motion detection, audio loop directory loader

Sandy-Exerciser - An exercise game where you move to the motions of the video above the webcam video. Stutter effects on video and live audio looper.
Features: Video stutter effect, real-time webcam video effects 

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