[PD] how to log complete pd sessions

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Apr 29 16:56:44 CEST 2010

On Thu, 29 Apr 2010, Gil More wrote:

> i'd like to have log-files of complete pd sessions - ideally with a time 
> stamp - so that i can kind of rerun the whole process of patch creation. 
> i can get pd with the debugging option to output all actions, but i 
> unfortunately do not know how to store (and timestamp) all that.

You can edit the pd.tk file for that. Just use NotePad. Find «proc pd» and 
duplicate the «puts» so that it also writes to «$::gilmore». Then outside 
of a proc, add something like

   set gilmore [open {c:\documents and settings\gil\whatever\log.txt} w]

or anything like it : basically, you do an open in mode «w» and you assign 
it to the variable that the «puts» will use.

the file will be closed automatically when you close pd. (but if you have 
to force-quit, then some kilobytes may be missing at the end)

> i'm on a win xp machine and tried some dos piping (>) but apparently it 
> did not do the job.

I swear it works on Linux and OSX... unless you are writing to an external 
drive and pull the cable while writing ;)

> i also could not get cygwin to work for me. any smart solutions like 
> sending to some other app or something?

pd.tk is a very good place to customise lots of different things.

sending to another app, if you needed to do that, is almost the same as 
writing to a file. If you can't get plain redirection to work (< >
>>) then piping isn't any easier (|), so, you'd have to use the [socket] 
command in Tcl, which is like using the [open] command in Tcl.

(Tcl is the programming language for pd.tk).

(in pd 43, pd.tk is not the same, it was replaced by many small files, 
and many procs were renamed, so, you'd have to do things in a slightly 
different way, but it's still Tcl).

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