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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

#1 don't use redhat - it's given me nothing but trouble, yet the debian 
machine works great.
#2 don't install from RPN, compile from source instead. (don't try this 
if you insist on using redhat) 


On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Jim Ruxton wrote:

>  I've been using PD under windoze but have just successfully configured 
> my laptop to dual boot XP and RH7.2 Linux.   I'm eager to get PD running 
> under Linux. I'm a total Linux newbie so I may be doing something 
> stupid. I'd appreciate any help you can provide. RH7.2 is using the 
> 2.4.7-10 kernel.
> I downloaded PD (.34 ) as an rpm and rpm'd it with the -i option. When I 
> type pd my machine freezes. I know it is starting because it is telling 
> me I have no midi in or out. I can't even escape with  ctrl alt del . 
> The message I get is:
> Oops :0000
> EIP: 0010: [<c98ffcca>]
> EFLAGS: 00010246
>  etc etc.
> At the end of the message:
> <0> kernel panic:Aiee,killing interrupt handler!
> In interrupt handler-not syncing
> Then nothing happens. I have to push the power switch to reboot. Do I 
> have to upgrade my kernel? Any suggestions? Thanks!
> Jim

B. Bogart

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