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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

objects so that I can get a matrix of checkboxes or a vector of sliders.

I actually often wish I had some kind of vector-of-sliders in jMax that
would send out lists of integers. I have a use for that, as I often
copypaste sliders and align them side-to-side and pack their outputs into

I would also wish the same for PD, but I don't really use PD, for several
reasons. (if PD had some of the above features I could quickly consider it
as superior to jMax)

> That's why i'm developing dyn~ right now. It's a very simple approach to
> dynamically manage all kinds of pd objects invisibly inside an external. It
> can serve as a poly~ but also for other applications.

May you explain how dyn~ would work?

Mathieu Bouchard             

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