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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

at least I never found anything addressing this issue when I last read the 
spec. I can understand why, I think. When the MIDI spec was written, it was 
in practice impossible or highly improbable  to have the overlapping notes 
situation, because the MIDI stream was generated by someone playing a 
keyboard. There was a sustain pedal, true, but that didn't really cause any 
problems, because then it left the issue up to the synthesizer, instead of 
the case in PD where the sustain pedal processing is a front end, and "poly" 
or what ever else, gets the post-processed result which will consist of 
overlapping note ons and offs.

 So the current situation of what to do with overlapping notes, when the note 
offs can happen at different times, is just a symptom of how the MIDI 
protocol is severely outdated and just doesn't address the current situation. 


> For a monoized synth you might get inspired by
> doc/
> ciao

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