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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

1/4(C) 1/4(D) 1/4(D) 1/8(D) 1/8(D) 
The same in words explained: The file melody.mid defines the note
pitches at a given time and rhythm.mid defines the note starting times,
the note durations and the note velocities.
(Sometimes) Long melody notes are converted (splitted) to many shorter
notes according to the rhythm.mid.

Any tips regarding reaching this goal with Pd or Common Music are

Sorry if that's a beginner question but I'm very new to Pd, also to
Common Music and just thinking loudly and playing around with these
tools. As far as I could see maxlib (:: music analysis extensions
library, )
could be also helpful somehow in this process?

Thanks for this very cool tool for everybody who put effort into
development and improvement!


I've also registered to the Pd Portal and here's my homepage there . If you want to read some more
of my thoughts about this portal and music in general, just click the
given link. Again if you want check also the contents section as I've
added some more music wiki links and my comments about them.

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