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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

ch has
low noise at low light levels?

I think firewire is the way to go, for example the "iBOT firewire" as it =
is just
a straight AVI data transfer format (no data compression at the camera li=
USB1.1) (as far as I'm aware) Naturally the compression would cause a pro=
in terms of noise, unless I'm mistaken.

I'm not sure what the story is with USB2.0, whether it compresses the vid=
stream  or not, but I would really like to know this, as firewire webcame=
are virtually impossible to buy in the shops here in =C9ire...

I also heard from this list that CCD devices are less noisy compared to
CMOS...Is that true?

Any information would be greatly helpful and appreciated

I need that low noise solution!

All the best, and Thanks,

I'm using pd/gem with winxp and 98se (on two diff. machines)

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