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There was an effort to standardize help patches (not sure about centralizing them).  Search puredata.info for PDDP.

Btw- there are already some revised help patches here:


All the vanilla help patches have the same template (well almost all of them).

As far as centralization, I've put a [pd META] subpatch in every external's help patch in the doc folder.  I'm not quite 
through filling in the data but each one will have standardized info for inlets, outlets, keywords, author, description, and 
library, so if someone wants to make a plugin to search for objects they could use the META subpatch data and already 
get some decent search results.

There's a stop gap search patch I included for fun that's semi-functional-- search-test.pd.  For instance:
* there are 1181 external objects that I've found which have help patches in the doc folder of pd-ext
* 451 are signal objects
* 350 are abstractions
* 72 are GUI objects (i.e., get created as something other than an "object box")
* 66 read/write data to/from an array
* 154 are max/msp/jitter compatible (there are probably more)
* 1 is an external signal object that allows you to make nonlocal connections


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Am 31.05.2010 um 18:43 schrieb Mathieu Bouchard:

> On Mon, 31 May 2010, Max Flämig wrote:
>> You can buy some Pd-ish shirts now. Profit goes to the Pd-Documentation.
> which pd documentation ?
it's a question i wanted to have discussed earlier. but i had to start with printing and one thing led to another so i haven't figured it out completely.
> (there is no centralised effort)

do you think there should be a more centralised effort, in order to make pd more useable? then it would be a good idea to have a concept (maybe one can adopt a concept from another open-software).
if one prefers documentation as it is, i'll sit down with some pd guys and think which objects need good documentation and award some pd guys for writing some nice documentation. possibly award good documentation too.

dont be too enthusiastic its not like i'm selling porsches, of course. so theres not going to be much money coming out of merch. but i belive it might be enough for some enhancement on documentation and i do belive it motivates the community.

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