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Thu Jun 3 23:30:24 CEST 2010

NOISH~ vs AUTÓMATA cdr nº205 H.A.K. Lo-Fi RECORD

Hello list!

a new cdr of noish and also <freeDownload>

enjoy here >> <http://hakrecords.blogspot.com/>


noish~ vs automata

Improvisación con autómata
Live at Piksel Bergen Norway 2009 by noish~

Software : Pure data, Ardour, Ubuntu
Infos + code : http://noconventions.mobi/noish/

about the automata ::::::

Automata_Sonoro_v001 (generative sound machina) is a software
programmed in Pure Data for generating real-time sound compositions.
It creates compositions from 7 small sound seeds (samples of 5-15
seconds) with which it generates 7 files of 1 min, to be with those
who play after, transforming and mixing them iteratively in a
mechanical evolution, growth and deterioration. Its based on the
Fractal model and somehow with more conceptual distance also inspired
by the work of Alvin Lucier "I'm sitting in a room" 1969.
All of this does not chase to carry out strictly fractal music, but born of
interest to know and experiment with these math-concepts and
strategies looking for a king of organic unpredicatability, noncontrol
and chaos with which creatively play during the live perfomance.


oscar martin

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