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tim vets timvets at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:52:53 CEST 2010

related idea:
Those automatically created and connected objects when tapping ENTER (or was
it TAB? (that function is not present in my pd version...)), could also be
made more useful by providing a variation:
When doing SHIFT+ENTER (or TAB?) an object is created -above- the current
one, connected to the inlet of the current one.
Because you don't always create stuff in a top-down direction (you create a
metro and -then- think 'it needs a toggle').

2010/6/4 tim vets <timvets at gmail.com>

> I just realized, it would be a bit more complicated, because, say you
> already typed something in it and want to delete the whole word to replace
> it with something else, you wouldn't want the object to disappear.
> So the rule would have to be:
> "backspace deletes the object if nothing has been typed in it yet"
> gr,
> Tim
> 2010/6/4 Andrew Faraday <jbturgid at hotmail.com>
>  I've had this problem before, so, yeah, I'd agree, delete on un-placed
>> objects sounds really helpful.
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>> From: timvets at gmail.com
>> Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 02:57:54 +0200
>> To: pd-list at iem.at
>> Subject: [PD] workflow
>> I just had this little idea that could improve my patching workflow:
>> I don't know if anyone would care, but here it is:
>> when doing ctrl+1 to create an object box,
>> then changing your mind and typing nothing in it, but doing backspace
>> deletes the created object immediately...
>> so that you don't have to click outside the empty object to finalize it,
>> select it again by dragging the 'lasso' over it to do backspace to remove
>> it...
>> as it is now, backspace in an empty object does nothing, so i guess it
>> could be used for something?
>> gr,
>> Tim
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