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Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Mon Jun 7 01:56:20 CEST 2010

On 6/7/10 1:48 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:

> does anyone happen to know what exactly IN the patch is making pd crash?
> has anyone tried fixing it by editing the help patch as a text file?

Replace the existing [plugin~] help patch with one posted by Frank 
Barknecht some years ago. For the five thousandth time in several years, 
can someone with CVS write access *please* just change this friggin' 

>>> > [plugin~] requires the path to your LADSPA directory to be set as
>>> the LADSPA_PATH in the environment. Look up "setting environmental
>>> variables" plus either "bash" or "shell" on Google to see how this is
>>> done if you don't know how.
> is this done instead of creating a path to the LADSPA plugs dir in pd?
> or does it have to be done in addition to a pd path?

This is done in bash and not at all in Pd.

>>> >
>>> > If you use the terminal command "listplugins",
> you should point out in the FOSS manual that one needs to have the
> ladspa-sdk installed to use this command

Thanks. Of course, you could create a FLOSS Manuals login and add this 
piece of info yourself ;-) I may not get around to it...


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