[PD] Question About Arrays

Funs Seelen funsseelen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 09:57:05 CEST 2010

(.. and now for the whole list:)

> maybe "Put" menu arrays should have an option to do this as well.

I agree on that! I once built a sequencer controlled by arrays in which I
could draw amplitude-envelopes in realtime. I wasn't able to limit it to

>> However, the array object (which I doubt is in one of the
>> extended libraries) is not shown in the flossmanual
>> list of objects.

As far as I know arrays are not objects but GUI representations of tables,
so there's no object help-file for it, except for the object [table].

>> There is a page on arrays, graphs, and tables. But it doesn't
>> mention the idea of clipping the values within an array,
>> which I have now been reminded is done by processing
>> the input value using a moses.

That's a pity. I agree that it's sometimes hard to figure things out. I
never read, except for today, thanks to Jonathan, that clipping arrays is
not possible within the properties menu, but I thought so because I couldn't
get it clipping.
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