[PD] 5Day Pure Data Workshop --- London, June!

Ryan Jordan ryan-jordan at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jun 7 11:24:24 CEST 2010

>>>Please forward to anyone you think may be interested...

A10Lab presents a 5 Day Pure Data Workshop lead by Luca Carrubba and Oscar Martin.


aim of this workshop is to learn simple programming strategies for the
creation of audio/video software tools for live performances.
Generative or interactive pieces of software that let artists create
and control video streams and audio processing in real time.

the workshop we will use puredata, a free (as a bird and as a beer)
graphical programming language particularly focused on the processing
of audio and video data in real time. Puredata is a tool for artists
who want to experiment with a different creation pattern, with a
freedom to build from scratch their own instruments. You don’t need to
be a programmer to begin to build your tool. In 5 the days long
workshop you will learn the basics of the language, how to manipulate
or create a video and how to play with audio. At the end of the
workshop all the participants will take part in a performance event
open to the public.

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