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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Jun 7 19:29:58 CEST 2010

On Sun, 6 Jun 2010, Jim Aikin wrote:

> On further inspection ... I'm looking at 2.control.examples / 15.arrays, 
> and it is frankly not at all helpful. Many things are not explained 
> here. And when I create an array, the Help file is even worse. It refers 
> to "Table", not to arrays at all.

If you make a [table hello] and a [s hello] and then send a message like 
"zzz" to it, you will find it says :

   error: array: no method for 'zzz'

If you make an Array from the Put menu, you can do the exact same with it, 
but when you edit properties and turn off Graph-on-Parent, it appears like 
an ordinary objectbox saying [graph], but that's a lie : the objectbox is 
not editable. that's not normal.

Furthermore, if you make a Graph from the Put menu, you can turn off 
Graph-on-Parent and the same will happen, [graph], uneditable. This time 
you don't have a field to set a receive-symbol for the object.

But if you Open either the Array or the Graph and put a [namecanvas blah] 
inside and then send "zzz" to [s blah], you get :

   error: canvas: no method for 'zzz'

If you think you're confused, open the source code and count how many 
of canvas' methods and functions have names that begin with "graph_" or 
"glist_" versus "canvas_". Then notice that there is no class for 
[table]... and [table] is not really an alias either... it's very special.

> is this stuff really not explained anywhere?

I don't know...

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