[PD] Wacom Bamboo Pen Touch HID attempts

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Jun 7 21:49:50 CEST 2010

Maybe Thomas Grill's [wacom] will help you?  The problem is that Wacom  
uses their own custom API, not the OS-native HID APIs.  [hidio] deals  
with the native HID APIs, which sometimes includes other types of  


On Jun 7, 2010, at 10:24 AM, Christian Frisson wrote:

> Dear pd-list,
> I'm running 0.41.4-extended, currently under OSX, with [hidio]  
> compiled (it is part of the source package but not the binary  
> package).
> I could interface jog wheels and 3D mice using this solution  
> successfuly, but I'm now stuck with Wacom's Bamboo Pen and Touch.  
> I'd like to find a solution, first on OSX, towards cross-platform  
> support.
> 1) bamboo-tuio is Windows-specific (I took a look a the code):
> <http://code.google.com/p/bamboo-tuio/>
> 2) linuxwacom is linux-specific and it seems multi-touch events from  
> this device are not yet supported:
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1321238>
> 3) [hidio] can only detect buttons and single finger touch when  
> grabbing the first of the three virtual devices contained in the  
> physical device (driver uninstalled). And buttons are mapped to  
> system commands (right click and so on...). Some of the undetected  
> events are listed on the console when opening the device with  
> [hidio] with undefined Page/Usage, while the source of hidio  
> contains lots of definitions. Is this the track to follow?
> 4) I tried Kyle Machulis way of reverse-engineering HID devices  
> (parsing with libhid), but I'm stuck at the earliest stages: OSX  
> becomes the first responder (I cannot thus grab the device properly  
> with libhid) and maps the device to the UI. I have frankly a hard  
> time writing a "codeless kext" for this composite device to be  
> detected as simple serial device (not mapped to the UI). Any help or  
> good pointer, as the Apple doc is not that verbose?
> <http://www.nonpolynomial.com/portfolio/>
> 5) Other solution: writing a Bamboo Mini TUIO/OSC bridge in  
> ActionScript 3.0, but you need to run your browser or AIR, fear that  
> your Mini won't get accepted... Detected events can be bridged (I  
> tried), but not the 4 buttons...
> <http://mini-developer.wacom.eu>
> Anybody else tried? Any other suggestion? Any good codeless kext  
> writing reference? HID/[hidio] experts?
> Tip: try to discover your HID devices first without installing  
> drivers (that may contain panels or apps that route them as mice or  
> keyboards)!
> Best,
> Christian
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