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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jun 8 08:31:35 CEST 2010

On Mon, Jun 07, 2010 at 05:13:25PM -0700, Kim Cascone wrote:
> I had the [dssi~] external in the [postlude] library by Jamie Bullock
> but it didn't seem to be working
> so I compiled dssi~ after getting the liblo-dev and dssi-dev libs
> (it actually compiled which was a surprise)
> but while I can now host a LADSPA
> I am not sure how to find out what message to send to any given LADSPA plug
> anyone know the secret handshake as to what to send to dssi~ to get this  
> info?

The secret handshake is "info": Send an [info( message to the first inlet and
watch what comes out of the first outlet. For "sine_faac" this would be: 

print: port in audio 1 Frequency (Hz) 0 0.5 440
print: port in audio 2 Amplitude 1 7.19251e-31 1
print: port out audio 3 Output 1 7.19251e-31 0

More info becomes avaiable when you compare this to the output of
"analyseplugin /usr/lib/ladspa/sine.so" (sine.so is where sine_faac lives on my

Plugin Name: "Sine Oscillator (Freq:audio, Amp:control)"
Plugin Label: "sine_faac"
Plugin Unique ID: 1045
Maker: "Richard Furse (LADSPA example plugins)"
Copyright: "None"
Must Run Real-Time: No
Has activate() Function: Yes
Has deativate() Function: No
Has run_adding() Function: No
Environment: Normal or Hard Real-Time
Ports:  "Frequency (Hz)" input, audio, 0 to 0.5*srate, default 440, logarithmic
        "Amplitude" input, control, 0 to ..., default 1, logarithmic
                "Output" output, audio

The "Output" port on the [dssi~ sine_faac] object is an outlet~, the others are inlets.

If you create more instances of it, like the 6 sines in the help file with
[dssi~ sine_faac 6], all ports get duplicated as many times as requested.

Control ports seem to be handled through "control #<portnum> ..." messages to
the first inlet. For example a [dssi~ lpf] has this info: 

print: port in control 1 Cutoff Frequency (Hz) 0 0.5 440
print: port in audio 1 Input 1 -1.80125e-05 0
print: port out audio 2 Output 1 2.21841e+32 0

You can control the Cutoff with "control #1 <f>" messages to the first inlet.

Maybe I should write another help file, but probably I've just forgotten that I
already did it just as I had completely forgotten that I wrote one for
[plugin~] - I still don't remember that. :)

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