[PD] live-connection pd and textfile?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Wed Jun 9 19:04:18 CEST 2010

You can already do that, indeed many people do. Check out the 'pd-msg'  
documentation included in Pd-extended or the code of nqpoly4.


On Jun 6, 2010, at 9:17 PM, Funs Seelen wrote:

> Hello pd,
> Wouldn't it be nice to live-connect between the textfile and pd? For  
> example typing text like <#X connect 0 0 1 0;>, execute (like  
> <enter> in Supercollider) to let pd show up the connection. And vice- 
> versa creating and object in pd that becomes immediately visible in  
> the textfile. As far as i know it's not possible but please tell me  
> if I'm wrong. I guess this would offer opportunities for live-coding  
> purposes, especially when objects also would be ranged statically by  
> your own given arguments (numbers and/or strings, whatever).  
> Different objects with the same (part of the) argument could then be  
> connected to another object or group of objects typing only one  
> short line of text. I read <iemguts> offers some patching  
> possibilities with the [canvas*]-objects, but I haven't figured that  
> out yet. I'll probably try to soon.
> Kind regards,
> Funs
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