[PD] Looking for a pedal controller

Laurent WILLKOMM willkomm at pt.lu
Wed Jun 9 23:04:40 CEST 2010

Am 2010-06-09 00:02, schrieb hghoyer:
> hmm, You want to read out some analog Voltage between 0 and 5 Volts and
> then takes this value out with a Midi Pitch Bend Message? Great Idea...
> I am very interessted in this patch... In 2 Weeks I will to a workshop.
> Ten i will discuss these Idea... If anyone hat such an Arduino - Patch,
> i ´m very interessted to get these!1
> Hans

If you need analog-to-midi conversion, you should look at the products 
from www.doepfer.de, selling boards for midification of synths, 
organs,..  But I think they have 7bit resolution only, even on PitchBend.


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