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Thu Jun 10 03:05:36 CEST 2010

Pd-extended includes the PDDP docs, which are hopefully clearer.


On Jun 6, 2010, at 11:20 PM, Jim Aikin wrote:

> On further inspection ... I'm looking at 2.control.examples /  
> 15.arrays, and it is frankly not at all helpful. Many things are not  
> explained here. And when I create an array, the Help file is even  
> worse. It refers to "Table", not to arrays at all.
> In the control.examples window, I see functions like sinesum and  
> cosinesum, but there is no indication of whether other such  
> functions might exist, or what arguments they might want to see. I  
> see a command for reading a text file, but with no documentation as  
> to what format the text file should be in. And then there's the  
> lovely sentence, "Arrays live in graphs and graphs may hold more  
> than one array...." Sounds interesting, but what does it mean?
> Did I just not download the real manual? (Like, the one with the  
> index?) Or is this stuff really not explained anywhere?
> --Jim Aikin
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