[PD] limited number sound devices in pd-extended MENU

Brian FG Katz brian.katz at limsi.fr
Thu Jun 10 19:30:48 CEST 2010

Dear pd community,


I have a problem with pd-extended and the selection of sound devices. I have
two 8 channel devices, which is purely a code problem in the device menu.
These devices mount as a collection of stereo devices, and also as single
ASIO devices. But, there seems to be a limit to the total number of devices
shown in the menu, and the ASIO device does not appear. 


Right now we are obliged to disconnect one device, select the proper device,
then we can reconnect the second device.


This is not a functional problem of PD dealing with the devices, just a hard
coded menu limitation I think.


Is this an easy fix in the PD code, and if so can it be done?




-Brian FG Katz



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