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Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Fri Jun 11 11:36:19 CEST 2010

IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
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> On 06/11/2010 09:22 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:
>> actually, it seems that the .pdsettings are loaded on start up -- no?
>> so wouldn't that make them a sort of script too - in a sense?
> yes, it's a script in a "declarative language", with a very minimalistic
> feature set.
> it's not what i would call a script in everyday life (which for me is
> usually very imperative).
> "in a sense" everything is a script.
sure if we 'go wide' on this I suppose even the Bible is a script - for 
some people... ;)
>> yes, I was only interested in creating a workflow that would make
>> testing plugin~ smoother
>> no big deal about not being able to set -flags persistently
> that's why i was wondering...
>> .pdsettings gets loaded on startup - no?
> yes
>> so, if I make changes directly to this file in gedit won't those changes
>> be loaded as well?
> sure; that's the point of a configuration file.
> though i don't get your point.
> if you have a shell script like:
> <snip>
> #!/bin/sh
> pd -path /path/to/nowhere -lib rary
> </snip>
> and you run this script, then Pd will persistently add /path/to/nowhere
> to it's search-path and it will persistently try to load the "rary" lib.
> every single time you run the script.
> if you open the script in gedit, and change the "nowhere" to "anywhere",
> then the Pd will persistently add  /path/to/anywhere whenever started
> from this script.
> you can then ignore the pdsettings.
> but you can have multiple scripts with different AND still persistent
> configuration settings, that don't interfere with each other and you
> don't have to fiddle around with the "configuration-switcher" hack.
right -- the script idea sounds like a good idea
but not how I want to work right now
I launch PdX from my Gnome-do dock
>> thanks again for your PdX lessons - they help me understand the
>> difference between Max and Pd :)
> my lessons are not PdX lessons; they are Pd-vanilla lessons;
> fortunately they also apply to PdX.
OK then...thanks for the Pd-vanilla lessons! :)
>> ==================================
>> also, I found some other bugs/issues in [plugin~]
>> see attached file for info
> where do you have this helpfile from?
I've been working on testing plugin~ and ladspa~ and dssi~
so I can't remember exactly in all my downloads, compiles and testing
where that might have come from
but what's odd is how that bind subpatch appeared out of nowhere
and that I'm using it as a .help file
I'll replace this with one from the svn
> it seems to be unrelated to mine.
> i have not found any traces of "bind" and the like in the source-code
> for plugin~.c
> have i fixed the wrong code?
>> ===================================
>> plugin~: "Delayorama"
>> print: port in control Random seed 0 1000
> looks good, doesn't it?
er, sure if it matched the console report (when plugin~ is sent [info]) 
it would look even better! ;)

is this a bug or known issue?
>> error: [print]: close-paren without open-paren
> oops; seems there is a problem with displaying symbols with parenthesis.
I'm assuming here that not all LADSPA plugs send info with parentheses?
so this would be a problem only for those plugs that send data with 

also, I also noticed that I can't use a number in the [print] external 
in my current version of PdX that I'm working in without causing the 
error: 'expected symbol'
but in the latest version of PdX I can use a number as well as a symbol 
in [print]

> i don't seem to have this problem here (though i don't have the
> delayorama plugin; 
I've attached it - see if this works for you?
> and the "invada_mono_tube_module_0_1" works just fine
> (with pd-vanilla 0.42.6)
***do you have any info on how params are listed in [info]->[plugin~] 
versus [analyseplugin <foo>] in the term?
how does one understand what to name the params when controlling a plugin?

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