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IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Jun 11 15:06:21 CEST 2010

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On 06/11/2010 10:36 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:
>>> plugin~: "Delayorama"
>>> print: port in control Random seed 0 1000
>> looks good, doesn't it?
> er, sure if it matched the console report (when plugin~ is sent [info])
> it would look even better! ;)

it reports all "relevant" information.

> is this a bug or known issue?
>>> error: [print]: close-paren without open-paren
>> oops; seems there is a problem with displaying symbols with parenthesis.
> I'm assuming here that not all LADSPA plugs send info with parentheses?
> so this would be a problem only for those plugs that send data with
> parentheses

anyhow, when i try your plugin i get:
plugin~: "Delayorama"
a: port in control Random seed 0 1000
a: port in control Input gain (dB) -96 24
a: port in control Feedback (%) 0 100
a: port in control Number of taps 2 128
a: port in control First delay (s) 0 5
a: port in control Delay range (s) 0.0001 6
a: port in control Delay change 0.2 5
a: port in control Delay random (%) 0 100
a: port in control Amplitude change 0.2 5
a: port in control Amplitude random (%) 0 100
a: port in control Dry/wet mix 0 1
a: port in audio Input 0 1
a: port out audio Output 0 1

looks good to me.

> ??

>> i don't seem to have this problem here (though i don't have the
>> delayorama plugin; 
> I've attached it - see if this works for you?
>> and the "invada_mono_tube_module_0_1" works just fine
>> (with pd-vanilla 0.42.6)
> ***do you have any info on how params are listed in [info]->[plugin~]
> versus [analyseplugin <foo>] in the term?
> how does one understand what to name the params when controlling a plugin?

the message is:
"port <symbol:direction> <symbol:type> <symbol:name> <float:lowerlimit>

with <symbol:direction> being either "in" or "out"
with <symbol:type> being "control" or "audio"
with <symbol:name> being the name of the port (e.g. "Amplitude random (%)")

and lower/upperlimit define the valid range of the value.

for controlling, you use "control <symbol:name> <float:value>"

<symbol:name> is not case-sensitive, and it tries to find a simple match.
e.g. "Amplitude random (%)" can be controlled with "amp" or "AMPLItude"
or "Amplitude random (%)".
it will take the first port that matches, so if you have parameters
"FrequencyUpper" and "FrequencyLower", then "freq" will match
"FrequencyUpper", in order to conrol the other param you have to use at
least "frequencyl"

> also, I also noticed that I can't use a number in the [print] external
> in my current version of PdX that I'm working in without causing the
> error: 'expected symbol'
> but in the latest version of PdX I can use a number as well as a symbol
> in [print]

well, you can use [print :1], if you want to stay compatible with e.g.

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